Full Name


Other Names

Eric's Adopted Ghost Daughter (by Michael)
Midget (by Kennedy)






Unnamed Parents (possibly deceased)
Billy (brother)


Eric McEdderson (guardian)
Brandon Hemperger
Michael Steede
Emily McEdderson
Brittney Hemperger (sometimes)
Mr. Williams


Madame Freakshow
Brody Malo
Byron Devlin
Darcy Hari
Kennedy Turpin
Emily McEdderson (when being a spoiled brat)
Brittney Hemperger (mostly)
Christopher Tally
Llamy the Llama


Eric McEdderson


Being isolated

First Apperance

Claire (Part 1)

Claire is the second protagonist of Eric and Claire.

Personality Edit

Before the events of the first part of "Claire", after her death caused by a tornado back in 1964, she was extremely lonely and depressed since no one was there for her anymore. After the first part, however, she is now glad to finally have someone with her. She is also shown to be kind and caring towards her friends, especially Eric.

Like Eric being protective over Claire by making her wear her human disguise when she is around someone that is not him or his friends, Claire can be protective over Eric whenever someone tries to hurt him and his friends. In Llamy the Llama, Claire notices Llamy the Llama almost trying to kill her friends, so in order to stop him, she possesses Llamy the Llama's costume and beats the actor's ghost inside.

Claire doesn't talk normally. Instead, she talks in her own way, which is called "Claire-nese" by Brandon and Michael. Like if she says "Hi" or "Bye", she'll say "Hmm!". If she says something like "My Name is Claire", she'll say "Mmm Numm im Clamm!". She doesn't do that all the time. Sometimes, she just writes on paper of does sign language when she doesn't speak "Claire-nese". In Claire's Long Lost Brother, it was revealed by Billy the Ghost that she has a voice disorder that makes her talk like this.

Appearance Edit

Claire has a light gray body with black eyes. Her most recognizable physical trait is her unique, triangular-shaped hairstyle.

In her human disguise, she is shown to be a light-skinned, short, "teenage" girl with black hair, a lime shirt with a dark green cat face on it, jeans, and black sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • The idea of Claire came from an auditory hallucination the creator had while walking around the house of night.