Eric McEdderson

Full Name

Eric E. McEdderson

Other Names

Loser (by Brody, Byron, Darcy, and Kennedy)
Big Brother (by Emily)






Ms. McEdderson (mother)
Emily McEdderson (younger sister)


Brandon Hemperger
Michael Stedee
Melissa (love interest)
Emily McEdderson
Brittney Hemperger (sometimes)
Mr. Williams


Brody Malo
Byron Devlin
Darcy Hari
Kennedy Turpin
Emily McEdderson (when being a spoiled brat)
Brittney Hemperger (mostly)
Christopher Tally
Llamy the Llama
Ms. Dolofonia
The Musical Monster


Hanging out with friends
Pony Tailz


Brody and his friends ganging up on Eric and/or Eric's friends
Emily's temper tantrums

First Appearance

Claire (Part 1)

Eric McEdderson is the first protagonist of Eric and Claire

Personality Edit

Eric is a teenage boy who is nice most of the time. Usually, he likes to hang out with his friends, Brandon, Michael, and of course, Claire, who was thought to be his cousin instead because of Eric's way of getting Claire to stay with him.

However, he can overreact sometimes. For example, in Claire and the Pop Star, Eric jumped into conclusions that Kelly Virus is trying to hypnotize Claire because of her latest obsession with her songs.

Eric is apparently a weeaboo, since in some episodes, he is secretly a fan of his favorite anime, "Pony Tailz". Whenever someone, even if it's one of his friends, arrives, he'd quickly hide it in order to not let anyone find out about his secret.

Appearance Edit

Eric has brown hair, a light blue shirt, blue jeans, and brown sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • In the earlier concepts, Eric's name was originally "Edward", but the idea of that was scrapped.